Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Revelation Ch 6

Series: Revelations Study

Lesson 7 – Revealing the Plan Overview Having obtained the scroll, the Lamb begins to open the seals, one by one. As the first four seals are opened, agents of God are commissioned to go and execute the wrath of God in various ways. The fifth seal provides a structural interlude, but it also reveals one of the main reasons for the plan, what is being addressed and resolved by the execution of the plan. The sixth seal clearly looks forward to imminent, foreboding judgment. Bible Reading With Questions The Four Horsemen – Revelation 6:1-7 1. Please compare the four horsemen of Revelation 6 to similar visions found in Zechariah 1:7-11 and 6:1-8. How are the images of the horsemen similar and different? What is their overall significance in Revelation 6? 2. Who could be represented by the rider on the white horse? How does this fit with the chronology established in chapters 1, 4, and 5? 3. Who would be most injured by the economic disruption caused by the 3rd seal? The Fifth Seal – Revelation 6:9-11 4. What is the significance of the souls being “under the altar”? Was the altar covering these people? 5. What is the complaint of those revealed by the 5th seal? What can we learn about the nature of God and His judgments based on His revealed response? 30 The Sixth Seal – Revelation 6:12-17 6. Do the events caused by the opening of the 6th seal refer to literal earthquakes, eclipses, red moons, falling stars, receding skies, and displaced mountains? If not, how are these symbols used in the Old Testament prophets? What do these symbols here foretell? Does this

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